Digital Economy

    Ensuring more prosperity globally through digitalisation without harming the environment


    Sustainable Infrastructure

    Supporting the planning and building of infrastructure that balances economic, environmental and social needs.


    Sustainable Value Chains

    Supporting existing development cooperation approaches in recycling, waste management and their further development into innovative cross-stakeholder solutions


    Sustainable Finance

    Supporting the redirecting of capital towards climate- and eco-friendly investments

About Us

The Economic Policy Forum is a global alliance of think tanks dedicated to collaborative, results-oriented research on sustainability and growth challenges faced by emerging economies. Our goal is to shape economic policies with informed, evidence-based recommendations, which are fed into domestic and international reform process such as the G20 Summits, COPs, and BRICS Consultations. We provide a platform for exchanging experiences between countries and strengthening the ability of our members to shape policy. Our activities are driven by our member think tanks, centered on eight Policy Initiatives: Energy Policy, Regional Integration, Climate Action, Innovation and Economic Diversification, Sustainable Infrastructure, Digital Economy, Sustainable Finance and Forced Migration. Read more

What our Members say
  • "EPF created an atmosphere of dialogue and collective construction, which surely was due to the caring and efficient reception of the whole team."
    Paulo D. Branco, Getulio Vargas Foundation
    On the Think Week 2015 in Beijing
  • "If spirit and momentum are decisive factors for bringing a project on the road to achievement, then the cooperation between EPF and ifW strongly underline that we are and hopefully will continue to be on that road together."
    Dr. Rolf J. Langhammer, ifW Kiel
  • "EMSD/EPF has shown its outstanding leadership and became a great role model of international process facilitation: EMSD/EPF’s initial conceptual support set a good path for W20 to produce meaningful outputs and outcomes."
    Angela Joo-Hyun Kang, Founder and Executive President, Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum (GCEF), South Korea
    On EMSD/EPF support of the 2017 W20 process
  • "We highly appreciate EMSD’s role as an W20 implementation partner and its support for the dialogue process with the W20 delegates during the German as well as for the transitional phase towards the Argentinian G20 presidency. The expertise and capacity of EMSD with respect to designing, establishing and moderating the online dialogue was of tremendous help. We wish ESMD to stay a close partner for the further development of the Women20 dialogue process."
    Dr. Anja Nordmann, W20 Germany – Deutscher Frauenrat, and Claudia Große-Leege, W20 Germany – Verband deutscher Unternehmerinnen
    On EMSD/EPF support of the 2017 W20 process
Our Members
EPF | Economic Policy Forum

EPF | Economic Policy Forum