Sustainable Value Chains

Relevance and Background

The Policy Initiative on Sustainable Value Chains builds on results from the previous Policy Initiatives on Regional Integration and Climate Action. EPF member think tanks pursue the objective of analysing sustainability and inclusiveness of value chains in platform economics, as well as potentials and readiness of emerging economies for the transformation of “circular economy systems”. Sustainable and circular value chains stand out due to low environmental and positive societal impact for a company’s products, services and supply chains, emphasising the use and re-use of materials.

The Policy Initiative is particularly well-suited for including existing development cooperation approaches in recycling, waste management and their further development into innovative cross-stakeholder solutions.

How we work

The Policy Initiative on Sustainable Value Chains was formally launched in June 2018. Yet, EPF has long been working to leverage existing policy approaches in sustainable supply chain management, recycling and resource efficiency through its broad think tank network. Our 2017 Think Week asked what new opportunities digitalisation brings for greener and more inclusive value chains while next years’ Think Week will center on innovative policies to make emerging markets fit for a Circular Economy. Concrete follow-up proposals and initiatives are regularly fed into international policy fora, including the Think 20 Engagement Group.

1 Research and Analysis

Policy Paper:

Drivers of Regional Integration: Value Chains, Investment and New Forms of Co-Operation, 2017 (read more)

Global Value Chains as a Regional Integration Tool – The Case of the Renewables in South America, 2017 (read more)

3 Implementation Initiatives

“Guidelines on Sustainable Value Chains: Recycling” – Strategic Alliance with Bonafonte on establishing a Social Plastic crediting Mechanism in Brazil and China

“Sustainable Industrial Areas: Industrial Sites as the Space of Green and Sustainable Growth” – Strategic Alliance with Grupo Ercus on the Development and Implementation of Guidelines to orient the decision-making Process in Terms of deciding where to locate a new Industrial Site



2 Policy Agenda Setting

Think Week 2017: Value Chains and the Future of Work in the Digital Age – Opportunities for Emerging Economies (read more)


Members of the Policy Initiative:

Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA)
Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo A.C. (CIDAC)
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV)
World Resources Institute (WRI)
Brookings Institution
Initiatives for Sustainable Development (ISD)

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