Digital Economy

The Policy Initiative on Digital Economy was launched at the EPF Think Week 2016 and deals with questions such as how more overall prosperity can be created in the digital economy, what societal challenges are, and how digitalization creates new opportunities for environmental sustainability and climate protection.

The evolving digital economy will directly impact the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. With digitalisation being high on the G20 agenda, at the Hangzhou Summit as well as during the German G20 Presidency, EPF members aim at generating analyses for sound policy options on how to shape future digital societies in sustainable and inclusive ways.

During the German G20 presidency, EPF facilitated the work of the G20 engagement groups on digitalisation.

As a result, EPF members from South Africa, India and China fed three policy papers into the G20 in May 2017. Two of these policy briefs also feature in the “20 Solution Proposals for the G20“, the outcome document of the T20, which was handed over to Minister Peter Altmaier, Chief of Staff of the German Chancellery, on the occasion of the T20 Summit in Berlin, May 29-30.

Furthermore, a joint study with the Women20 (W20) engagement group on “The Effects of Digitalisation on Gender Equality in the G20 Economies” was published.

Argentina has meanwhile already put The Future of Work at the heart of its G20 Presidency agenda for next year (2018). Building on EPF´s successful contributions around issues of digital infrastructure and skilling, the third edition of Think Week, held from 30 October to 2 November 2017 in Beijing, looked at how digital transformation will impact value chains and labour markets in emerging economies. Concrete follow-up initiatives include three country case studies on the basis of scenario-building, with the aim of scoping the impact of technological change in the informal sectors and on gender relations, labour markets also with respect to informal sectors and on gender relations. Three country cases (Argentinia, India, South Africa) have been produced and joint policy paper on the basis of these cases has been submitted to the T20.

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