The Other Infrastructure Gap: Sustainability

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights & Heinrich Böll Foundation  
Policy Initiative: Sustainable Infrastructure
26. October 2018

As countries hasten to plan and develop infrastructure, in some cases through massive regional infrastructure plans and mega-infrastructure projects, a number of questions arise: What kind of infrastructure is being developed and whose needs will it serve? Who may lose out in the process? How will it affect our development pathway? Is enough attention being given to the environmental and human rights gaps , in addition to the financing gap, in relation to mega-infrastructure project design, financing and investment decisions?

This publication analyses the potential gains from integrating human rights and environmental dimensions of sustainability explicitly within mega-infrastructure plans and projects, as well as the cost of failing to do so, drawing from mega-infrastructure project experience in the energy, transportation and water sectors. It examines two key aspects of infrastructure development in relative detail: the legal framework governing international investment, and the shifting landscape of infrastructure finance.

OHCHR & HBS | The Other Infrastructure Gap: Sustainablity


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