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T20 Roundtable: International Development Financing System for Inclusive Growth. Partnership and Prosperity Issues in Developing Countries

By the time this year’s G20 Summit took place in Hangzhou, China, altogether eight official Think20 (T20) workshops have been held around the world as part of China’s G20 presidency. The T20 engagement group brings together leading think tanks which provide evidence-based recommendations for G20 decision-makers. During this year’s Chinese G20 Presidency, the Institute of World Economics and Politics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), together with two other Chinese think tanks, has been mandated to coordinate T20 activities.

CASS invited the Economic Policy Forum (EPF)  to co-organise one of the eight global T20 events – in Lima, Peru from 25-26 April. This T20 workshop is the only one held in a developing country and focused on international development financing systems for inclusive growth. EPF assisted in designing the overall agenda and organized and chaired a session on sustainable infrastructure. In that session, concrete proposals to be addressed by the G20 were discussed, such as establishing international best practice benchmarks for sustainable infrastructure projects, strengthening the catalytic role of national and multilateral development banks, or building a global sustainable infrastructure projects pipeline. EPF also ensured a wide participation from leading think tanks such as U.S. based Brookings, and think tanks from emerging and developing countries, such as South Africa, Brazil, India or Vietnam.

The key findings of the workshop were summarized in a report which was put forward by CASS to the Chinese government as well as to the Chinese G20 Sherpa. The next EPF seminar related to sustainable infrastructure in the context of G20 was held in early June in Geneva, back to back to another official T20 Workshop.

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