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T20 Germany and Beyond: Digital Economy – Back-to-Back Roundtable

Given the importance of the topic, the T20 Summit featured a vast variety of inputs on digitalisation, such as the panels on “Digitalisation: Enabler of Inclusive Global Growth and Development” and “Dealing with Labour Market Challenges in the Digital Economy”.

This was complemented by an EPF back-to-back roundtable on “T20 Germany and beyond: digital economy”, which brought together a selected group of international experts and representatives of the T20 Task Force on Digital Economy. Participants reflected on the policy briefs and agreed on next steps such as dissemination strategies for the policy recommendations made, and future modes of engagement beyond the German G20 Presidency. Potential future topics discussed included for instance the role of block chain for re-financing in inter-BRICS markets, the role of digitalisation for labour markets in developing and emerging countries, and how big data analysis could help achieve the SDGs.

Documentation of the roundtable:

  1. Agenda
  2. Participants list
  3. Presentation on digital skills
  4. Presentation on digital literacy
  5. Presentation on digital infrastructure
  6. Overview of international processes regarding digitalisation
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